Expert Foundation Crack Repair You Can Depend On

No matter if you have a minor leak or catastrophic failure, we do it all when it comes to residential basement and foundation leak repairs.

Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can solve what may seem like unsolvable issues. We often use tactics such as expanding polyurethane injections for crack repairs and epoxy injections for structural problems. Get professional help to solve your property’s foundation problems once and for all including water seeping into your basement and around the perimeter or through floor cracks.

Leak Repair

Epoxy resin and urethane injection are proven methods used worldwide to permanently seal leaks through cracks and voids.

Let our technicians help recommend whether epoxy or urethane resin is the right choice for your concrete repair. Stop the water! Water penetrating into buildings through cracked concrete foundation walls, ceiling slabs, basements, parkades, tunnels, foundation walls causes:

  • Premature deterioration to concrete
    (poses a threat to structural integrity)
  • Corrosion to structural steel
  • Environmental hazards (mildew)
  • Damage to auto paint finishes

Epoxy Injection